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Sat May 8 10:53:46 PDT 2004

El Sáb 08 May 2004 18:39 Jeroen Coumans escrbió:

> What does this patch do? AFAICT it removes some semantic markup (ul)
> with meaningless div's and adds presentational tags (br); which is
> completely opposite to the changes we've worked on so far to introduce
> some more semantic XHTML. I'd first like to see a rendering of it and at
> least discuss it before such a change is implemented.

Here is a render of HEAD:

Instead a list of links, it use independant links. I think that this is also 
correct, but I agree that the use of {br/} and the anidation of UP and HOME can 
be wrong.

The current output using {li} look ugly, and when there are long titles in the 
bottom links, the title for the next page go to another line. IMHO, semantical 
correctness in the XHTML is very good, but the look of the pages should be
atractive and give a good feeling.

Can you obtain an output like the above using onlu {li}?

Review also chapter03 for the changes that I have ready to go. 

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