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Sun May 9 02:19:54 PDT 2004

El Dom 09 May 2004 01:43 Bruce Dubbs escrbió:

> On my system, the home/up links are not centered and there is too much
> vertical space between the prev/next and their titles.  It detracts from
> the appearance.  This is one of the things I found last night that
> caused me to change to [div] tags.

In my system it look identical to the one using {div} or the old method using 
{table}. Can you send me an screnshoot? 

Maybe is needed some more adjusts in the css to pleasant all browsers. 
Unfortunatelly, I only have by now Konqueror-3.0 like graphic browser.

> On another related matter, I was thinking that we need a separate
> stylesheet for printing the xhtml. 

Good idea. 

> The added template probably doesn't go in lfs-chunked, but
> I couldn't think of a better place right now.  It probably should be in
> a separate included stylesheet.
No, this is the right file to add it.

> We could probably shorten up the lfs-print.css with:
> @include lfs.css
> .navfooter, .headerlinks {
>   display: none;
> }

This is best to keep sinchonized both css. 

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