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Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Sat May 15 11:03:20 PDT 2004

Hi guys,

Recently, I've updated the so it reflects the new 
stable/testing/unstable oragnization. The rendering is configured at the 
bottom of this script:

#               <branch>    <version>   <alias>
#render_branch   v5_0        5.0         stable
render_branch   v5_1-pre2   5.1-pre2    testing
render_branch   HEAD        HEAD        unstable

The 5.0 redering is disabled because it does not follow the newxml scheme (so 
it cannot be rendered with a simple "make" command), and will soon be 
replaced by 5.1. I think the above setup is easy enough to understand.

The reason why I've used the "v<version>" tags instead of "b<version>" 
branches for stable and testing is because they have releases (i.e. follows 
the release->announcement->feedback cycle), OTOH unstable will never be 
released, so It will always be rendered as a CVS snapshot.

After the 5.1 release, the following setup will be used instead:

render_branch   v5_1        5.1         stable
render_branch   b6_0       6.0         testing
render_branch   HEAD        HEAD        unstable

And, when the first 6.0 pre is released:

render_branch   v5_1        5.1         stable
render_branch   v6_0-pre1     6.0-pre1     testing
render_branch   HEAD        HEAD  unstable

To save server resources, only branches with the bN_N naming scheme and HEAD 
will be rendered nightly. The other ones, usually tags, will be generated 
only if they don't exist yet. To force a specific branch/tag rendering, pass 
its setup to the script. Eg: v5_1-pre2   5.1-pre2    testing

Finally, this script assumes the current branching/tagging pattern (bN_N for 
branches and vN_N[-preN] for releases/tags) will be followed.

The website already reflects our current development scheme, BTW.
Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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