cvs commit: LFS/BOOK/chapter06 mktemp.xml

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Thu May 20 16:51:59 PDT 2004

On Thursday 20 May 2004 17:40, wrote:
> El Jue 20 May 2004 23:22 Anderson Lizardo escrbió:
> > I can try to make our website script add this information (i.e.
> > "<branch>: " prepended to each commit message) automatically, if you guys
> > think this would be helpful.
> And will be helpful also to see what changes go to the book, to the
> bootscripts or to other modules. Now all is messing :-/

AFAIK, bootscripts is a subdirectory of the LFS module, not a module by 
itself. Or am I wrong?

Anyway, I've updated the website so you can see how the messages with branch 
names look like: (the repeated 
branch names are actually those added manually by you ;-).

Anderson Lizardo
lizardo at

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