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On Thursday 20 May 2004 18:17, you wrote:
> As it is, I'm having a hard time trying to determine what belongs in
> that script and what belongs in the Makefile itself.  What I'm
> currently thinking is that the Makefile should be able to produce any
> output format we want (PDF, HTML, XML, TXT, etc) and the
> script simply runs whichever of these targets it
> wants to and puts the results of those `make` invocations into
> whatever directories are appropriate.
> Thoughts and comments welcome of course :)

Most of the code on that script is to be able to run it securely as a cron 
job, by creating temp dirs with mktemp and not allowing concurrent instances. 
I've put some effort on making the release setup easy, so you only really 
need to edit the "release table" on the bottom of that file. See 
for the details.

For example, the only needed change for the upcoming 5.1.1 release will be to 
change the line

render_branch   v5_1        5.1         stable


render_branch   v5_1_1        5.1.1         stable

presuming that there will be a "v5_1_1" tag. Then run "" to 
make the updates immediately.

If you want, I can make the necessary updates to output PDF, HTML, XML etc. 
now so you will only need to do changes to the release table.

I know, I really should learn how to write maintainable code :). Will add 
meaningful comments where possible.

Kevin is also working on a improved script that will make the release process 
easy for the editors (see

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