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Thu May 20 22:58:58 PDT 2004

El Vie 21 May 2004 01:51 Anderson Lizardo escrbió:

> AFAIK, bootscripts is a subdirectory of the LFS module, not a module by
> itself. Or am I wrong?

BOOK and Bootscripts are subdirectories of the LFS module, but we use its like 

> Anyway, I've updated the website so you can see how the messages with branch
> names look like: (the repeated
> branch names are actually those added manually by you ;-).

Good, but I thinks that this entry, for example:

 Nathan Coulson - 2004/05/19

 HEAD: Added the random bootscript to the lfs-bootscripts

should be:

 Bootscripts: Added the random bootscript to the lfs-bootscripts

Or, maybe, create separate sections into the log, one section for BOOK with 
their commints, another to bootscripts, etc...

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