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Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Wed Sep 1 18:44:33 PDT 2004

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> I suppose I'm just confused (what's new?). All this time there's
>> been a patch in the book that wasn't supposed to be used unless
>> you didn't follow the instructions and install Readline?
>> This just seems backwards to me.
> I'm not sure where my confusion came from, I went back to -dev
> and found the original thread where Jim says this:
> > Confirmed, but we should add a note, if they don't use readline they
> > will need the patch.
> I just can't imagine having instructions to add a patch that's
> only necessary if you didn't follow the instructions in the
> book. :-)
> I know on my first couple of LFS builds, I tended to look at the
> stuff in the gray background and cut-n-pasted these instructions.
> (I know, I know, you're supposed to read the fine print). But
> still, it just seems awkward to me.
In this case, applying the patch even with readline installed will cause 
no harm - it would just have no effect, since the parts of the source 
the patch would affect would not be compiled.

Bash includes it's own internal readline code, identical to the code in 
readline 5.0.  When readline is not present, bash will link to this 
internal readline static.


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