[Bug 895] Incorrect startfiles linked in during ch6 toolchain lock in.

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Fri Sep 3 00:49:21 PDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From ryan.oliver at pha.com.au  2004-09-03 01:49 -------
OK, required book fixes...

5.9. Adjusting the Toolchain
No change here, we will pick up the correct startfiles .

5.13. GCC-3.4.1 - Pass 2 
gcc-3.4.1-specs-1.patch needs to be updated to define 
STARTFILE_PREFIX_SPEC as /tools/lib/ .

This change won't appear to affect the build at all.
It does make gcc check this spec though, which won't happen
if it wasn't defined during the build (could be wrong here,
I tend to always define it, quick test will show what happens)
allowing us to override it ch6.

Will generate a patch sometime soon ;-)

6.12. Re-adjusting the Toolchain 

"Next, amend the GCC specs file so that it points to the new dynamic linker. A 
sed command accomplishes this. We also need to ensure we use the newly created
startfiles ( crt[i1n].o ) provided by glibc. We accomplish this by altering

sed -i -e 's@ /tools/lib/ld-linux.so.2@ /lib/ld-linux.so.2 at g' \
       -e '/\*startfile_prefix_spec:/{
           s@/tools@/usr at g
           x }' `gcc --print-file specs`

(I havent tried this with -i yet)

Yes its an ugly sed, matches on one line then stuffs it in the hold space,
grabs the next line into the pattern space and performs the mod, then 
spits out both lines. Only way to ensure the change is completely localised.
May be being overly anal though...

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