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Tags corrections, Chapter 2.

Modified: branches/testing/BOOK/chapter02/creatingfilesystem.xml
--- branches/testing/BOOK/chapter02/creatingfilesystem.xml	2004-09-05 08:47:56 UTC (rev 4125)
+++ branches/testing/BOOK/chapter02/creatingfilesystem.xml	2004-09-05 08:58:02 UTC (rev 4126)
@@ -20,11 +20,11 @@
 <screen><userinput>mke2fs /dev/<replaceable>[xxx]</replaceable></userinput></screen>
 <para>Replace <replaceable>[xxx]</replaceable> with the name of the LFS
-partition (<filename>hda5</filename> in our previous example).</para>
+partition (<filename class="devicefile">hda5</filename> in our previous example).</para>
 <para>If a swap partition was created, it will need to be initialized
 as a swap partition too (also known as formatting, as described above
-with mke2fs) by running the following. If you are using an existing
+with <command>mke2fs</command>) by running the following. If you are using an existing
 swap parition, there is no need to format it.</para>
 <screen><userinput>mkswap /dev/<replaceable>[yyy]</replaceable></userinput></screen>

Modified: branches/testing/BOOK/chapter02/creatingpartition.xml
--- branches/testing/BOOK/chapter02/creatingpartition.xml	2004-09-05 08:47:56 UTC (rev 4125)
+++ branches/testing/BOOK/chapter02/creatingpartition.xml	2004-09-05 08:58:02 UTC (rev 4126)
@@ -38,14 +38,14 @@
 <para>Start a disk partitioning program such as
 <command>cfdisk</command> or <command>fdisk</command> with a command
 line option naming the hard disk on which the new partition will be
-created—for example <filename>/dev/hda</filename> for the primary
-Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) disk. Create a Linux native
+created—for example <filename class="devicefile">/dev/hda</filename> for
+the primary Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) disk. Create a Linux native
 partition and a swap partition, if needed. Please refer to the man
 pages of <command>cfdisk</command> or <command>fdisk</command> if you
 do not yet know how to use the programs.</para>
 <para>Remember the designation of the new partition (e.g.,
-<filename>hda5</filename>). This book will refer to this as the LFS
+<filename class="devicefile">hda5</filename>). This book will refer to this as the LFS
 partition. Also remember the designation of the swap partition. These
 names will be needed later for the <filename>/etc/fstab</filename>

Modified: branches/testing/BOOK/chapter02/mounting.xml
--- branches/testing/BOOK/chapter02/mounting.xml	2004-09-05 08:47:56 UTC (rev 4125)
+++ branches/testing/BOOK/chapter02/mounting.xml	2004-09-05 08:58:02 UTC (rev 4126)
@@ -45,8 +45,8 @@
 that are too restrictive (such as the nosuid, nodev, or noatime
 options). Run the <command>mount</command> command without any
 parameters to see what options are set for the mounted LFS
-partition. If <emphasis>nosuid</emphasis>, <emphasis>nodev</emphasis>,
-and/or <emphasis>noatime</emphasis> are set, the partition will need
+partition. If <parameter>nosuid</parameter>, <parameter>nodev</parameter>,
+and/or <parameter>noatime</parameter> are set, the partition will need
 to be remounted.</para>
 <para>Now that there is an established place to work, it is time to

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