[Bug 895] Incorrect startfiles linked in during ch6 toolchain lock in.

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Wed Sep 8 19:13:19 PDT 2004


------- Additional Comments From ryan.oliver at pha.com.au  2004-09-08 20:13 -------
Okay, it works with only the startfile_prefix_spec addition during the ch6
toolchain specs mods.

I have yet to manage to make this break...

How we do this in the book, preference goes to a slight mod of Anderson's
perl snippet, but probably best to also give an example of the modified spec
file so people can manually edit it if they so choose.

It should look like


*some other spec:

Note the trailing slash, and note that there must be exactly one blank line
below (or else you will get a specs parse error)

Will post the tests from the latest cut soon, and will regenerate the specs

After that is done this will be changed to resolved...

J_Man, have you got enough to go on here? Let me know... 

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