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Michael W Daniels daniels at julius.ling.ohio-state.edu
Thu Sep 9 19:57:28 PDT 2004

At 10:24 PM 9/9/2004, you wrote:
>On Thu, 2004-09-09 at 20:05, Nico R. wrote:
> > I'm not sure. I think "affect" does not only relate to emotions. Could
> > it be used as a synonym for "to influence", "to modify" or "to cause an
> > effect on"?
>Hmmm. It could be "to influence" in which case both effect and affect
>can be used in at least some of changes I made. It then becomes, if it
>is correct, a matter of which is more correct.
>Well, back to square one. Tomorrow, when people are awake again, I will
>talk to an English expert about this one and get it over with once and
>for all.

"to effect" can only mean "to create or bring about". See


for a decent explanation.

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