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Wed Sep 22 05:44:00 PDT 2004

Author: jeremy
Date: 2004-09-22 06:43:57 -0600 (Wed, 22 Sep 2004)
New Revision: 4188

Hotplug patches are no longer needed...removed

Modified: trunk/BOOK/chapter01/changelog.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/chapter01/changelog.xml	2004-09-22 08:04:11 UTC (rev 4187)
+++ trunk/BOOK/chapter01/changelog.xml	2004-09-22 12:43:57 UTC (rev 4188)
@@ -56,8 +56,6 @@
@@ -95,6 +93,9 @@
+<listitem><para>September 22nd, 2004 [jeremy]: Dropped the 2 patches to hotplug
+since they are no longer needed.</para></listitem>
 <listitem><para>September 21st, 2004 [jeremy]: Upgraded to Util-linux-2.12e,
 Udev-032, and Hotplug-2004_09_20.  Thanks to David Jensen and Kevin Fleming
 for their hard work in putting together the new udev instructions, including

Modified: trunk/BOOK/chapter03/patches.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/chapter03/patches.xml	2004-09-22 08:04:11 UTC (rev 4187)
+++ trunk/BOOK/chapter03/patches.xml	2004-09-22 12:43:57 UTC (rev 4188)
@@ -72,29 +72,6 @@
-<term>Hotplug Bogus Dependencies Patch- 1 KB:</term>
-<para><ulink url="&patches-root;hotplug-&hotplug-version;-bogus_deps-1.patch"/></para>
-<term>Hotplug Fix for USB Coldplugging - 1 KB:</term>
-<para><ulink url="&patches-root;hotplug-&hotplug-version;-device-2.patch"/></para>
-<term>Hotplug ISAPNP Coldplugging Patch - 1 KB:</term>
-<para><ulink url="&patches-root;hotplug-&hotplug-version;-isapnp-2.patch"/></para>
 <term>Inetutils Kernel Headers Patch - 1 KB:</term>
 <para><ulink url="&patches-root;inetutils-&inetutils-version;-kernel_headers-1.patch"/></para>

Modified: trunk/BOOK/chapter06/hotplug.xml
--- trunk/BOOK/chapter06/hotplug.xml	2004-09-22 08:04:11 UTC (rev 4187)
+++ trunk/BOOK/chapter06/hotplug.xml	2004-09-22 12:43:57 UTC (rev 4188)
@@ -28,36 +28,8 @@
 <sect2 role="installation">
 <title>Installation of Hotplug</title>
-The <command>usb.rc</command> script provided by the
-<application>Hotplug</application> package depends on the programs 
-<command>usbutils</command> and <command>which</command> being present.
-However, these programs are not called for any useful purpose.
-Apply the patch that removes those dependencies:
+<para>Install the Hotplug package:</para>
-<screen><userinput>patch -Np1 -i ../hotplug-&hotplug-version;-bogus_deps-1.patch</userinput></screen>
-USB coldplugging is somewhat broken in <application>Hotplug</application>
-by default: the DEVICE environment variable is not passed to user-defined USB
-hotplug handlers. Fix this with the following patch:
-<screen><userinput>patch -Np1 -i ../hotplug-&hotplug-version;-device-2.patch</userinput></screen>
-<!-- Waiting for hotplug-2004_04_01-isapnp-4.patch
-There is an optional patch that adds ISAPNP hardware detection
-capabilities to Hotplug. It is not well tested and in fact contains known
-bugs. If you chose to apply it, run the following command:
-<screen><userinput>patch -Np1 -i ../hotplug-&hotplug-version;-isapnp-2.patch</userinput></screen>
-<para>Now install the Hotplug package:</para>
 <screen><userinput>make install</userinput></screen>
 <para>Remove Hotplug's not-so-clean init script, since we're going to be using
@@ -69,28 +41,6 @@
 that reason, remove the network hotplug agent:</para>
 <screen><userinput>rm -f /etc/hotplug/net.agent</userinput></screen>
-<!-- Will be useless with version 4 of the isapnp patch
-If you have applied the ISAPNP patch, add some required entries to
-<screen><userinput>cat >>/etc/modprobe.conf <<"EOF"
-# Begin /etc/modprobe.conf entries for ISAPNP hardware detection script
-# by Marco d'Itri
-alias pnp:dPNP0511 irtty-sir
-alias pnp:dPNP0700 floppy
-alias pnp:dPNP0800 pcspkr
-alias pnp:dPNP0B00 rtc
-alias pnp:dPNP0303 atkbd
-alias pnp:dPNP0F13 psmouse
-alias pnp:dPNPB02F analog
-# End /etc/modprobe.conf entries for ISAPNP hardware detection script
-<para>These entries may not be needed in newer versions of the Linux kernel,
-since Marco d'Itri will try to convince developers to put them into the
-corresponding modules themselves.</para>

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