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Mon Sep 27 11:18:35 PDT 2004

Author: manuel
Date: 2004-09-27 12:18:33 -0600 (Mon, 27 Sep 2004)
New Revision: 4224

Tags & typos corrections.

Modified: branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/psmisc.xml
--- branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/psmisc.xml	2004-09-27 06:36:56 UTC (rev 4223)
+++ branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/psmisc.xml	2004-09-27 18:18:33 UTC (rev 4224)
@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@
 <varlistentry id="pstree.x11">
-<para>same as pstree, except that it waits for confirmation before exiting.</para>
+<para>same as <command>pstree</command>, except that it waits for confirmation before exiting.</para>
 <indexterm zone="ch-system-psmisc pstree.x11"><primary sortas="b-pstree.x11">pstree.x11</primary></indexterm>

Modified: branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/pwdgroup.xml
--- branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/pwdgroup.xml	2004-09-27 06:36:56 UTC (rev 4223)
+++ branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/pwdgroup.xml	2004-09-27 18:18:33 UTC (rev 4224)
@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@
 <para>The created groups are not part of any standard—they are some
 of the groups that the Udev configuration will be using in the next
-section. The Linux Standard Base (LSB), available at <ulink
+section. The Linux Standard Base (LSB, available at <ulink
 url="http://www.linuxbase.org"/>) recommends only that, besides the
 group <quote>root</quote> with a Group ID (GID) of 0, a group
 <quote>bin</quote> with a GID of 1 be present. All other group names

Modified: branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/readjusting.xml
--- branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/readjusting.xml	2004-09-27 06:36:56 UTC (rev 4223)
+++ branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/readjusting.xml	2004-09-27 18:18:33 UTC (rev 4224)
@@ -56,15 +56,11 @@
 <para>Next, amend the GCC specs file so that it points to the new
 dynamic linker. A sed command accomplishes this:</para>
-<!-- Ampersands are needed to allow cut and paste -->
 <screen><userinput>sed -i 's@ /tools/lib/ld-linux.so.2@ /lib/ld-linux.so.2 at g' \
     `gcc --print-file specs`</userinput></screen>
-<para><phrase condition="html">Copying and pasting the above is
-recommended. </phrase>It is a good idea
-to visually inspect the specs file to verify the intended change was
-actually made.</para>
+<para>It is a good idea to visually inspect the specs file to verify the intended 
+change was actually made.</para>
 <important><para>If working on a platform where the name of the
 dynamic linker is something other than

Modified: branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/readline.xml
--- branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/readline.xml	2004-09-27 06:36:56 UTC (rev 4223)
+++ branches/testing/BOOK/chapter06/readline.xml	2004-09-27 18:18:33 UTC (rev 4224)
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@
-<listitem><para>This option forces readline to link against the
+<listitem><para>This option forces Readline to link against the
 <filename class="libraryfile">libncurses</filename> library.</para></listitem>

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