[Bug 1604] cfdisk doesn't run

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Wed Aug 10 21:30:26 PDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From chris at beaker67.com  2005-08-10 22:30 -------
I just built a new GCC4 system completely by-the-book in an attempt to see if
the glibc-snapshot could have been the problem, but it doesn't make any
difference. cfdisk still segfaults when I try to run it, though I did make some
progress in determining where exactly the problem is. I noticed I can run
"cfdisk -v" perfectly. Also, I can run "/sbin/cfdisk" as a nonprivileged user
and it will start but complain about not being able to access the drive (since
the user doesn't have permission to do that). I can also run "cfdisk -z" to have
it start with a blank table instead of reading what's on the disk, and it works
fine. But if I try to run "cfdisk -P t" it segfaults. Apparently the problem is
in the code that reads the partition table from the disk, though I still don't
know exactly what's causing it...

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