[Bug 1611] Document/investigate udev test failure

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Sat Aug 13 18:38:50 PDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From steve.crosby at gmail.com  2005-08-13 19:38 -------
There are actually two failures, although only one causes a test error.

The first occurs because we don't have a "mail" group, and a perl error is 

TEST 10: replace kernel name
Argument "mail" isn't numeric in numeric ne (!=) at ./udev-test.pl line 1558.
device '/class/tty/ttyUSB0' expecting node 'visor'
add:         ok
remove:      ok

This is a cosmetic error only, so can safely be ignored (or have a mail group 
added to fix it ;)

Still looking at the original error, although the perl error is because it is 
calling the "tree" binary, which we don't have installed (package homepage for 
tree is ftp://mama.indstate.edu/linux/tree/, current version 1.5.0)

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