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Sun Aug 28 15:48:04 PDT 2005


------- Additional Comments From ken at linuxfromscratch.org  2005-08-28 16:48 -------
 Initial notes, based on 2.13-pre2:

We haven't installed arch from chapter 5 (tools) for some while, so chapter 6
should be unaffected by its absence, I suppose.

Initial notes from chapter 5:

(a) installing only mount, umount, more - just like now, except that
--prefix=/tools is accepted (but since we install by copying, I'm unsure if
either  the prefix or the old way od using a sed actually make any difference ?).

(b) alternatively, since we don't normally make big efforts to only install a
minimum, we could do an almost full install.  ./configure --prefix=/tools 
--disable-wall ; make datadir=/tools/share usrbinexecdir=/tools/bin
usrsbinexecdir=/tools/sbin ; and the same for the install.  The --disable-wall
is needed because otherwise install tries to chgrp wall which is a privileged
operation.  The overrides stop /tools/usr/ being used.  This approach takes 0.2
SBU instead of 0.1, and uses 23 MiB instead of 15 MiB.  Showing people the make
-C approach is probably educational.

Review of chapter 6, and building the next chapter 5 without arch, to follow.

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