Some small niggles with LFS Book 6.0

Bernard Leak bernard at
Mon May 9 09:18:08 PDT 2005

Dear List,

Just a small bunch of, er, opportunities for improvement spotted so
far in LFS Book 6: the page numbers refer to the PDF version.

while on the subject of 'mktemp', although patch can be *built*
without it, it won't *run* without it, which probably ought to be
mentioned as a dependency.

Chapter 7: "negligable" should be "negligible"
"distrubtion" should be "distribution" (p. 343, near the end)
"effected" should be "affected" (p. 264, near the top)

Bernard Leak (bernard @ brenda hyphen arkle dot demon dot co dot uk)
"Before they made me, they broke the mould"

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