Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

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Let's face it, Age should be nothing more than a number
It's okay to want to hold on to your young body as long as you can

With increasing longevity for an increasing segment of the population, 
this is THE frontier for the new millennium-Dr Virgil Howard

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this gave me a boost of confidence
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We included in our review a small subset of trials that assessed the value
of addition of an aminoglycoside in Gram positive infections. Three studies
assessed staphylococcal endocarditis,21 48 63 one study assessed any
staphylococcal infection,32 and one assessed streptococcal endocarditis.69 
lactam-aminoglycoside treatment is well ingrained in existing guidelines and
clinical practice with these infections,94 yet our results do not point to a
clinical benefit with combination therapy. With these infections, further
studies should assess whether the addition of an aminoglycoside is
The weight on Rob's shoulders was not so great as he had feared, the
traveling machine seeming to give a certain lightness and buoyancy to
everything that came into contact with its wearer

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