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Thu May 26 14:02:32 PDT 2005

El Jueves, 26 de Mayo de 2005 22:48, Matthew Burgess escribió:

> As would I of course.  Manuel, you're a star! :)  Having said that - any
> chance you could outline the indentation rules/guidelines you're using
> so that we can stick to them ourselves?  This would be useful material
> for the editors' guide too methinks.  Or maybe I missed that info
> somewhere along the line - I've a feeling it could've been posted in
> blfs-dev when your work started over there.

In BLFS, first was created a template.xml with the indentation patron and 
standarized sections/text-blocks/tagging. At the same time, that was 
reflected on the Editors Guide, Chapter 06 and 07.

For indentation I'm using the same rules. For tagging there is some small 
variations between both books (i.e, we don't use application tags in LFS).

I would to add two appendices to our Editors Guide, one about XML "standart" 
tagging and one about XSL and PDF XML related tags. But after finish my 
current work with cross-lfs,  due that I'm doing some small tags changes 
"on-the-fly" and that need to figure yet how to handle the Xincludes for 
common text in the most easy and clean way.

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