[Bug 1675] Ch. 6 glibc test-installation.pl tests /tools glibc

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Thu Jan 5 06:13:15 PST 2006


------- Additional Comments From dbn.lists at gmail.com  2006-01-05 07:13 -------
So, everyone likes 3.  I tested it on an x86 box, and it works.  Now, the one
thing no one has commented on is the use of /lib/ld-linux.so.2.  Maybe I'm being
paranoid, but the dynamic linker doesn't always go by this name.  It even says
in the LFS book.  Should it just be assumed that if you have a different name
(e.g. /lib/ld.so.1) that you can fix the sed for yourself?

I really don't want to scrap the solution for this reason, but just want
everyone to be aware.  If the LFS book is assuming x86 only, then this isn't a
problem.  I don't know what the official stance on that is, though.

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