[Bug 1676] Package Management for LFS

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Tue Jan 24 04:04:19 PST 2006


------- Additional Comments From matthew at linuxfromscratch.org  2006-01-24 05:04 -------
Having re-read the discussion about this, I think that the way we should handle 
this is to a) remove the recommendation of the specific package manager we 
currently have in 6.1 and b) Put the paragraph pertaining to package management 
in a Note box.

If BLFS are happy to continue maintaining the meat of the Package Management 
information, I'd prefer it to stay there for the time being at least.  We've 
already set a precedent by referring to Cracklib from Shadow, so asking folks 
to go and read BLFS at this point isn't too onerous, I don't think.

The only other concern I have is that the final note on that page says:

"The remainder of this book is to be performed while logged in as user root and 
no longer as user lfs. Also, double check that $LFS is set."

That may well conflict with whatever package management method a user chooses.  
Do we assume our users are clueful enough that they don't need this conflict 
explicitly spelled out to them?

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