[LFS Trac] #684: Must re-evaluate package order then document the rationale.

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Mar 3 06:33:35 PST 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 03/03/06 08:25 CST:

> Is anyone else going to comment on the issue of
> libtool/autoconf/automake being used in each other's testsuites, thus
> causing circular dependencies?
> Specifically, if libtool is moved up to satifsy autoconf, grep must
> also move with it because libtool will hardcode it's location.  Or, we
> can add /bin/grep -> /tools/bin/grep to Ch. 6.7 Essential Symlinks.
> Please comment if you have time because this is a legitimate hangup.

My opinion is that it is more important to satisfy as many of the
requisites for the test suites as possible. If that means something
needs to be out of alphabetical order, then so be it.

The whole purpose of this change is so that LFS can legitimately
describe, and explain, why the order is the way is.

If saying that this is before that and that is before this because
it is necessary to fulfill requirements of foo's test suite, then
to me that is a legitimate explanation of why the order is the way
it is.

In fact, keeping it alphabetical, for no other reason that to keep
it alphabetical, when this breaks (or affords less quality of) test
suites, is simply wrong. Of course, just IMHO. But that is what you
were asking for.


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