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#1732: LFS/CLFS
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 I think it should be important to note for beginners, as well as
 experienced users who may not have been around for a while:

 If building using the standard LFS documents, it's best to build from a
 32-bit x86 host to a 32-bit x86 target.  If you are attempting to build
 from an x86-64 host (say Suse or Fedora Core), to an x86_64 target, even
 though it seems like a straight transition to build to another x86-64
 target, these systems are not nearly as easy as one would think.  This has
 to do with the fact that today's systems are mixed environments to support
 backwards (read: binary) compatibility.  As such, even if you are building
 for another mixed 64-bit target/straight 64-bit target (as the case may
 be) you should follow the instructions set forth in the CLFS book.  This
 ensured a proper build without respect to bitness (since to my knowledge,
 all generally available distros are mixed hosts).  Either way, as an
 experienced LFS'er who's been away for a while, this bit me in the bum, so
 to speak.

 I just wanted to alert you that there is not appropriate information to
 lead one to search the CLFS book (at least in what I rendered, so I may
 have much egg on my face!), so I thought it'd be an important tidbit since
 many, many people will begin using mixed 32- and 64- bit environments!


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