Book Bad, Improve Book

roliopolio roliopolio at
Tue Mar 7 06:12:07 PST 2006

Here are a few moans that I hope will result in an improvement to the 
LFS Book.

I was looking forward to LFS bringing clarity into my Linux world.   
Maybe it will,  but I can't even build it.

Basically the current Book does not tell me clearly enough what goes 

--  there is not a single diagramme of a directory tree.
     It would be a huge help to show the trees both during the tool 
build and later.

--  as a result,  leave me unclear where source files are to be 
un-archived to.
     For example,  I end up with  directories such as   
sources_tarballs,  sources,  gcc-build  and  gcc-3.4.3,  and no idea of 
their relative position.

--  commands are given relative to a current directory that seems to 
change over time:     "mkdir -v    ../gcc-build"
     Since it is generally not explicitly mentioned where I am supposed 
to be at the time,  I am left floundering, looking around at nearby 
instructions to try to deduce what is needed !
     Let's have it clearly stated at each point what the current working 
directory has to be,  or if the command can be done from anywhere, 
include the full paths.

--  What might also be useful is a list of explicit pre-amble 
instuctructions that set up the environment for the case that the build 
is broken off and resumed at a later time.  At the moment these are 
somewhat dispersed across the tool build section.

I do hope these points can be addressed,  because after two long tries 
at getting the tools built,  I can't see myself progressing otherwise.


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