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Chris Staub chris at
Tue Mar 7 07:02:15 PST 2006

roliopolio wrote:
> Here are a few moans that I hope will result in an improvement to the 
> LFS Book.

Most of the issues you mention do not apply to the book. It is clear and 
does tell you everything you need to know.

> I was looking forward to LFS bringing clarity into my Linux world.   
> Maybe it will,  but I can't even build it.
> Basically the current Book does not tell me clearly enough what goes 
> where...
> --  there is not a single diagramme of a directory tree.
>     It would be a huge help to show the trees both during the tool build 
> and later.
> --  as a result,  leave me unclear where source files are to be 
> un-archived to.

1. It doesn't really matter, though all sources certainly should be on 
the $LFS partition so that they are also available after chrooting
2. The book *does* specifically recommend using $LFS/sources as the 
place to store all sources and patches, and unpack the from there.

>     For example,  I end up with  directories such as   
> sources_tarballs,  sources,  gcc-build  and  gcc-3.4.3,  and no idea of 
> their relative position.

Then you haven't really been reading the book. It says that all sources 
and patches should probably go into $LFS/sources, and that all package 
installation instructions assume you have already unpacked the source 
tarball and entered the source directory for that package. Therefore, 
iti is obvious what dir you're supposed to be in at the beginning of 
each package installation. It also says you are expected, unless told 
otherwise, to remove all source and build dirs after each installation. 
Of course, this means that you would generally just "cd .." to exit the 
source dir, then rm -rf [packagename], (and at this point you should 
obviously be in $LFS/sources) but if you actually "need" the book to 
tell you this for each package installation then you simply aren't ready 
to try LFS>

> --  commands are given relative to a current directory that seems to 
> change over time:     "mkdir -v    ../gcc-build"
>     Since it is generally not explicitly mentioned where I am supposed 
> to be at the time,  I am left floundering, looking around at nearby 
> instructions to try to deduce what is needed !
>     Let's have it clearly stated at each point what the current working 
> directory has to be,  or if the command can be done from anywhere, 
> include the full paths.

You mean like section 5.1 that tells you stuff which applies to every 
single package installation, or 3.1 that suggests you use $LFS/sources 
as your working dir throughout the build? What's the point of suggesting 
more "explanatory" text be added to the book when you won't even read 
what's already there?

In other words, you want to be hand-held every step of the way. You want 
the book to tell you explicitly every single command, and don't really 
want to learn anything from it.

> --  What might also be useful is a list of explicit pre-amble 
> instuctructions that set up the environment for the case that the build 
> is broken off and resumed at a later time.  At the moment these are 
> somewhat dispersed across the tool build section.

Why? The book already says to create the lfs user and tells you exactly 
how to setup the environment for that user...if you need to stop and 
continue again, you simply login as the lfs user again and keep going.

> I do hope these points can be addressed,  because after two long tries 
> at getting the tools built,  I can't see myself progressing otherwise.
> Cheers,    rw

Every point you have brought up is a result of not actually bothering to 
read the book.

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