Book Bad, Improve Book

Sash sash at
Tue Mar 7 11:04:26 PST 2006

Chris Staub wrote:

> roliopolio wrote:
>> I was looking forward to LFS bringing clarity into my Linux world.   
>> Maybe it will,  but I can't even build it.
> In other words, you want to be hand-held every step of the way. You 
> want the book to tell you explicitly every single command, and don't 
> really want to learn anything from it.
>> --  What might also be useful is a list of explicit pre-amble 
>> instuctructions that set up the environment 
Why couldn't we have a book for beginners? A book with basic Linux 
instructions. A book that is so basic anyone who knows how to use a 
computer and understands a bit about operating systems could build a 
system and learn along the way? Rather than just preaching to everyone 
they have to have x months of linux experience, must have read this 
prerequisite, and that prerequisite; let's put a book together that 
encompasses all of that. People get tired of the main option for use on 
a computer, discover Linux, hear about LFS, jump in the deep end and 
either drown in frustration, give up and walk away with a bitter taste 
of failure, or hang around reading and hoping someday it will all make 
sense. The steps in the book aren't hard to follow. It's getting ready 
to begin the book that loses many. Let's make a study group that begins 
at the beginning. The people in that "study group" could stay away from 
all the devs and editors except the ones who wanted to participate. We 
could actually begin at the beginning and progress to LFS. Who knows we 
might even last through BLFS. Anyone interested?


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