Book Bad, Improve Book

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Tue Mar 7 12:13:53 PST 2006

Sash wrote:
> Chris Staub wrote:
>> roliopolio wrote:
>>> I was looking forward to LFS bringing clarity into my Linux world.   
>>> Maybe it will,  but I can't even build it.
>> In other words, you want to be hand-held every step of the way. You 
>> want the book to tell you explicitly every single command, and don't 
>> really want to learn anything from it.
>>> --  What might also be useful is a list of explicit pre-amble 
>>> instuctructions that set up the environment 
> People get tired of the main option for use on 
> a computer, discover Linux, hear about LFS, jump in the deep end and 
> either drown in frustration, give up and walk away with a bitter taste 
> of failure, or hang around reading and hoping someday it will all make 
> sense.

With all due respect Sash, this is rather akin to me saying "Wow, I just 
saw a fighter plane aeuronautical display team at the weekend (e.g. the 
Red Arrows - .  I'd love to fly 
like that.  Now, I can't be bothered to learn the basics like gliding, 
then prop planes, etc.  Just hand me one of those Hawk jet planes and 
tell me how to start it up, put it in a nosedive and pull up in time 
before I crash and burn."

There's a reason we mention who we target the book at, and that's to 
warn people that this stuff's hard (relative to installing a distro like 
Ubuntu).  If those folks still want to try it out, that's fine, but they 
need to understand that they're trying to run before they've learnt to 
crawl and as such they need to pay even more attention to every single 
word and instruction in the book than most other LFSers.



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