[LFS Trac] #1750: Shadow >= 4.0.14 installs UTF-8 manual pages

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Tue Mar 21 08:46:44 PST 2006

#1750: Shadow >= 4.0.14 installs UTF-8 manual pages
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Comment (by archaic at linuxfromscratch.org):

 I was actaully thinking something like this:

 for i in de es fi fr id it pt_BR; do
   convert-mans UTF-8 ISO-8859-1 man/${i}/*.?

 for i in cs hu pl; do
   convert-mans UTF-8 ISO-8859-2 man/${i}/*.?

 convert-mans UTF-8 EUC-JP man/ja/*.?
 convert-mans UTF-8 KOI8-R man/ru/*.?
 convert-mans UTF-8 ISO-8859-9 man/tr/*.?

 It doesn't really change anything, and only saves 2 lines of typing, but
 it shows a different method of doing repetitive tasks.

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