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#1656: Redundancy in Chapter 6 "Creating Directories"
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Comment (by randy at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Here is another way to look at the install commands. Note that "install"
 doesn't need to be passed on every command, though backslashes would
 be required:

 install -v -d \
     /{bin,boot,dev,etc/opt,home,lib,mnt,sbin,srv} \
     /media/{floppy,cdrom} /usr/local/etc \
     /usr/{,local/}{bin,include,lib,sbin,src} \
     /usr/{,local/}share/{doc,info,locale,misc,terminfo,zoneinfo} \
     /usr/{,local/}share/man/man{1..8} \
     /var/{lock,log,mail,run,spool} \
     /var/{opt,cache,lib/{misc,locate},local} \
     /opt/{bin,doc,include,info} \
 ln -sv share/{man,doc,info} /usr
 ln -sv share/{man,doc,info} /usr/local
 install -dv /root -m 0750
 install -dv /tmp /var/tmp -m 1777

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