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Wed May 10 11:05:21 PDT 2006

El Miércoles, 10 de Mayo de 2006 00:56, Bruce Dubbs escribió:

> Since all the file sizes are on one page in LFS, why don't you just put
> all the sizes in general.ent as entities like the version number and
> md5sum?

That is what CLFS is doing in a separate packages.ent file to avoid to have to 
edit the several packages.xml files they have on each package update. For 

<!ENTITY bash-version "3.1">
<!ENTITY bash-size "2.4 MB">
<!ENTITY bash-url "&gnu;bash/bash-&bash-version;.tar.gz">

Remember that in CLFS there is no SBUs nor disk usage data.

I would to implement that also in LFS and HLFS, but first we need to 
figure-out what to do with "Home page" links, due that some packages don't 
have one.

If we left Home links "as-is" in packages.xml, editors could to forgot to 
check/update they.

If we create an entity for Home links, we will have some empty links; or an 
XSL hack will be required to skip the full para when the entity is empty.

Actually, before to can propose the addition of Home links and MD5 sums into 
CLFS I need to have ready the XSL hack.

As Matthew said, there is no technical reason to create that entities due that 
they are used only on one place.

But IMHO, having all that data centralized on an unique file could to do more 
easy packages updates and will produce more clean svn commits.

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