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#1793: Vim 7.0
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Comment (by dj at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Also, I am slightly against putting Vim-7.0 into LFS-6.2, for the
 following reason: a-a-p (required to get non-English spellfiles built) is
 not in BLFS.


 Note: I haven't tried this:

 According to
  a-a-p is not _required_.  See the instructions at the bottom of the ftp
 directory.  In fact, if this is the process you are refering to, it looks,
 from my POV to be more difficult to use aap.  As far as aap goes, it's a
 python script, installation is not required, but is self explanatory if
 you choose to install it (./aap install).  A link to aap on the vim page
 in BLFS should cover it if those instructions are correct proceedure you
 are needing.

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