[LFS Trac] #1793: Vim 7.0

Ag Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at gmail.com
Sat May 27 04:55:18 PDT 2006

On Sat, May 27, at 06:19:30 Randy McMurchy wrote:
> LFS Trac wrote these words on 05/27/06 05:12 CST:
> >  Same patch with Alexander's only this time vim install it's man pages into
> >  /usr/share/man instead of /usr/man
> With all due respect to y'alls hard work and diligence to this,
> these  issues are the *exact* reason why some wanted to keep what
> we have.

There are many features introduced in this new version that really worths
the update.
Besides the spell-checking the new tabs feature (kinda like firefox tabs) is really
useful for those who spend much of their time in front of an editor.

It's also advertisement for the new L{B}FS-releases,considering the fact that there 
is a great interest into the OS community for the new version.

Anyway the job is done for vim.

Just a question for you as a BLFS editor.

If LFS released with vim-6.4 is it still possible for BLFS to release with 7.0? 

> Let's get a book out guys, working out every little detail with
> every new addition and we will never get it out.
> To me, channeling your efforts towards a release instead of adding
> a new package would look more to everyone that the effort is indeed
> towards getting a book out. :-)

I tend to agree with your general points though.

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