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#1673: Why is each package in the book?
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Comment (by chris at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Sed - allows you to edit text in a file without opening it in a text
 editor. Good if you just need to change a single bit of text (or multiple
 occurences of the same text) quickly. Sed is also needed by most packages'
 configure scripts.

 Grep - searches for text in files. Also used in many packages' configure

 Bzip2 - probably self-explanatory (allows you to {,un}compress files, and
 is certainly needed by LFS to unpack the source tarballs)

 Gzip - ditto

 Tar - also needed to unpack the sources

 Diffutils - obviously, helps to view differences between files. Can be
 used to create patches. Also used by many packages' build procedures,
 often in testsuites.

 E2fsprogs - self-explanatory? (you need this package to create and check
 ext2/3 filesystems)

 Findutils - obviously, lets you find files. Also allows various options
 (-exec, the xargs program, etc) to allow you to run the same command on a
 long list of files in multiple subdirectories. Also needed for many LFS
 packages to build.

 Less - Very useful text file viewer.

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