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#2030: Udev 112
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 New version.  From RELEASE-NOTES:

 udev 112

 Control characters in filesystem label strings are no longer silenty
 removed, but hex-encoded, to be able to uniquely identify the device
 by its symlink in /dev/disk/by-label/.
 If libvolume_id is used by mount(8), LABEL= will work as expected,
 if slashes or other characters are used in the label string.

 To test the existence of a file, TEST=="<file>" and TEST!="<file>"
 can be specified now. The TEST key accepts an optional mode mask
 TEST{0100}=="<is executable file>".

 Scsi_id now supports a mode without expecting scsi-specific sysfs
 entries to allow the extraction of cciss-device persistent properties.

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