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#2023: LiveCD is not available
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Comment (by alexander at linuxfromscratch.org):

 While Manuel's suggestion may work, I don't want to release the current
 state of the repository even as a -pre2. The following has to be fixed
 before the pre-release:

  * Extend the initramfs /init script so that options like "ide=nodma
 ide2=noprobe" (see the full list in linux-2.6.X/Documentation/ide.txt)
 that applied to non-modular IDE are automatically converted to
 modprobe.conf statement like this:

 options ide_core options="ide=nodma ide2=noprobe"

  * Update the help pages of the boot loader to reflect the "toram",
 "pata", "load", "blacklist" and "rootdelay" arguments

  * Make the initramfs retry locating the CD sevelal times before dropping
 to the shell. This will fix the "impossible to boot from USB CD-ROM" issue
 (rootdelay=20 on the command line is a workaround that works with r1904,
 but cannot be the default because of much faster-to-detect IDE CD-ROMs).

  * Make brltty actually work with USB devices. Right now, it pokes around
 non-existing /proc/bus/usb. Debian has a patch that converts it to libusb,
 and also there is a new untested version upstream.

  * Add net-tools, remove all "ifconfig -> ip" patches.

  * Save and restore sound volume when hibernating/resuming. Also, unmute
 mixer channels appropriately at startup.

 Patches are welcome.

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