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#2033: Create initramfs
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Comment (by Bryan Kadzban):

 Since I don't use DM or MD or LVM, it'd be a bit hard for me to test any
 of that stuff.  But if an LFS mkinitramfs script (which doesn't exist yet,
 I know) wouldn't require cpio, I'd have no problems adding something like
 it to the book.  The problem is, it may require cpio, and the book doesn't
 install that.

 OTOH, the kernel tree has a usr/gen_init_cpio program, which could be used
 relatively easily as well.  The mkinitramfs script would have to generate
 a text file (same format as the file in my current initramfs hint:
 different than anything I've ever seen, but not impossible to work with),
 then run gen_init_cpio on that file, and pipe the output through gzip and
 then to the initramfs location.  (Say, /boot/initramfs-<kernel
 version>.gz?)  Then of course grub would have to be told to load that as
 an initrd.

 I'll see if I can come up with anything this weekend.  (I was actually
 already planning on going to an initramfs setup myself, so I could use an
 HID keyboard even in the face of non-running bootscripts.  My keyboard's
 PS/2 now, but if it dies (and it's 7 years old), I'd like to move to USB.)

 Anyone mind if I use the /init script from the LiveCD's initramfs as a
 starting point for this initramfs's /init, and the LiveCD's initramfs
 Makefile as a starting point for the mkinitramfs script?  I'm hoping
 that'd be a lot less work than starting completely from scratch (or from
 my hint).

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