[LFS Trac] #2026: sed syntax error in /etc/rc.d/rcsysinit.d/S05modules

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Sat Jun 16 10:01:55 PDT 2007

#2026: sed syntax error in /etc/rc.d/rcsysinit.d/S05modules
 Reporter:  ths          |        Owner:  lfs-book at linuxfromscratch.org
     Type:  defect       |       Status:  new                          
 Priority:  normal       |    Milestone:  6.3                          
Component:  Bootscripts  |      Version:  SVN                          
 Severity:  normal       |   Resolution:                               
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Comment (by dnicholson at linuxfromscratch.org):

 The main things are:

 * Remove the console loglevel handling. Should be handled globally for all

 * Remove the fd duplication. It's completely unnecessary. Just run the
 loop as such:

 while read module args
 done < /etc/sysconfig/modules

 * Don't suppress stderr on modprobe. There are other cases of this in our
 bootscripts, too (see mountfs). I don't know why we'd want to silence
 potentially critical errors during boot.

 I'll attach what I use.

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