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#2033: Create initramfs
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Comment (by dnicholson at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Replying to [comment:5 Bryan Kadzban]:
 > Hmm.  Yes, it's better tested, and yes, it's more widely used, and yes,
 it's supposed to be distro-independent (assuming somebody wants to write
 the proper template(s) for LFS).  But based on reading the design goals
 page ([http://yaird.alioth.debian.org/yaird.html]), it seems like it's way
 more complicated than anything I was thinking.

 We can certainly start simple and build up features over time. I mean, the
 first step is just to make sure that you could boot from a standard
 partition and that the process works in the book.

 > Or, we could do this all in BLFS, and point the user there at the end of
 LFS if they have special booting needs.  That may be preferable if cpio is

 This might not be a bad idea anyway. There's other stuff we could talk
 about in BLFS like generating the docbook docs, too. There's precedent
 with shadow, and there are spots in the BLFS book where we talk about
 adding kernel support for things, yet we don't discuss building the kernel
 at all.

 But if the only thing stopping initramfs support in LFS is cpio, then I
 don't think that should be critical.

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