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#2033: Create initramfs
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Comment (by Bryan Kadzban):

 Replying to [comment:6 dnicholson at linuxfromscratch.org]:
 > We can certainly start simple and build up features over time. I mean,
 the first step is just to make sure that you could boot from a standard
 partition and that the process works in the book.

 Sounds good to me...  ;-)

 Question on timing, though:  IMO, the full-featured DM/MD/LVM/whatever
 initramfs would be way too much of a change for a 6.3 book release.
 Actually, I wonder whether this should all start out as an improved hint.

 > > Or, we could do this all in BLFS, and point the user there at the end
 of LFS if they have special booting needs.  That may be preferable if cpio
 is required.
 > This might not be a bad idea anyway. There's other stuff we could talk
 about in BLFS like generating the docbook docs, too.

 Are you thinking docs for the mkinitramfs package (if we do one), or docs
 for yaird?

 I was thinking the mkinitramfs package would just have manpages, but maybe
 a full DocBook setup wouldn't be a bad idea.  Something to think about,

 > But if the only thing stopping initramfs support in LFS is cpio, then I
 don't think that should be critical.

 It shouldn't be, no.  I think getting an initramfs in there is more
 important than just cpio, though, so if people do have issues with adding
 it, I'd like a decent workaround.  So far, a separate copy of
 gen_init_cpio isn't a horrible workaround IMO.

 (BTW: the change to let gen_init_cpio take its file from stdin is about
 four lines.  I've got a test SVN repo up (read-only without authorization,
 and no users created yet except me) at
 [https://svn.kdzbn.homelinux.net/svn/lfs-initramfs/].  The only issue is
 that it's hosted on a really-slow DSL connection, and it uses an untrusted
 cert, so you'll get warned by the svn client.  The cert's fingerprint is
 41:26:41:7e:16:7f:ba:2d:62:7d:ef:4b:70:6c:4f:76:b7:6c:a1:1b.  I still need
 to make a Makefile and add the other scripts.)

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