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#2073: Package management page is oversimplified
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 There are the following drawbacks on the
 http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/6.3/chapter06/pkgmgt.html page:

  * It doesn't list all goals of package management. In addition of easy
 uninstallation and upgrading, the page must mention easy deployment and
 handling of configuration files.

  * The "LD_PRELOAD based" subsection is better renamed to "Tracing the
 installation script", because one can either log installation with
 LD_PRELOAD, or with strace.

  * Handling of configuration files is not touched upon at all. At least,
 please mention the decision not to list configuration files (i.e., those
 that the user may modify after package installation) in LFS and BLFS
 books, so that the task to figure them out is placed on the reader.

  * Creation of package repositories is not mentioned. At least, please
 state that it is a complex task to duplicate a distro's infrastructure.

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