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#1955: New Grub version
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Comment (by alexander at linuxfromscratch.org):

 I have tested Gujin-2.2 and must say that it is unsuitable for the book in
 its current form.

  * It crashed KVM
  * It reports "unknown key pressed" when running in QEMU (but still boots
 the first kernel and its initramfs when I press F1)
  * It is impossible to install Gujin into MBR without losing all data on
 the hard disk, because it explicitly asks to zero out the first 63 sectors
 of the hard drive, thus wiping out the partition table
  * Upgrades are problematic, because the boot sequence is protected by
 checksums - and if you don't upgrade the MBR contents (thus losing all
 data), old MBR wil refuse booting new Gujin.
  * By default, it adds LANG=en to the kernel command line (bug reported to
 authors). Kernel transforms this into the environment variable, but "en"
 is not a valid value for LANG.

 GRUB-1.95 (unlike the current version) is completely unusable (read:
 refuses to install) with root on LVM and /boot on a small partition, but,
 according to the Changelog, this has been fixed in the CVS version. So, I
 would like to postpone the update of GRUB.

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