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El Martes, 18 de Septiembre de 2007 23:48, Dan Nicholson escribió:

> Manuel, do you think we really need to create the separate pre,
> configure and make attributes? How do you envision using these? As an
> editor, how do I map these attributes to new commands I may add?
> The way I see it, the default (no remap attribute) userinput element
> would represent all these cases. Only the cases of "test" and
> "install" (or some other special case) would need additional
> attributes to indicate that they were different than the default mode.

For standard jhalfs only "test" and the special "locale-test" (used on the 
command to install locales required by testsuites in chapter06/glibc.xml) are 
required at this moment. Plus, the especial "locale-test" and "locale-full" 
ones could be used to allow users to install all locales or just the ones he 

"install" is the one you proposed for package management support. But take 
into account that a PM should handle also the files installed on 
"configuration" sub-sections and non-packages pages, that have not the 
"install" attribute. There is also a special "adjust" attribute on 
chapter05/binutils-pass[1,2].xml that in fact is like an "install" one.

The other ones, "pre, "configure", and "make" have no specific purpose for 
now, and could be removed if they hurts. Has been added for consistency, on a 
highlighted editor looks better (at least to me) having the attribute on all, 
on large files can help to locate a concrete command type, and will allow to 
create a more modular and customizable jhalfs XSL code. Some of them might be 
useful on some jhalfs extension that we are not thinking on right now.

But like I said, that ones can be removed if requested. 

About how to map they, first only the "installation" section in a package page 
have that attributes.

"pre" is for preparative commands like patches, seds, or build directory 

"configure" is for commands run to configure the package, like ./configure or 
a configparms file creation.

"make" is for the actual commands that build a package.

"test" for commands required only to run the testsuite.

"install" for commands that will install (or remove) files.

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