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#2057: Udev-120
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Comment (by LydianKnight):

 version 121 has been released as of May 9th of 2008

 here is the list of changes from version 120 to version 121:

 libvolume_id: recognize swap partitions with a tuxonice hibernate image
 writing udev rules: fix rule typos
 rules_generator: net rules - add "dev_id" value to generated rules
 selinux: more context settings
 udevinfo: do not replace chars when printing ATTR== matches
 vol_id: add --offset option
 cdrom_id: replace with version which also exports media properties
 udevd: at startup write message including version number to kernel log
 rules_generator: net rules - always add KERNEL== match to generated rules
 selinux: fix missing includes
 allow setting of MODE="0000"
 path_id: remove subsystem whitelist
 logging: add trailing newline to all strings
 scsi_id: initialize serial strings
 persistent device naming: also read unpartitioned media
 cdrom_id: add more help text
 add $links substitution
 fstab_import: add program to IMPORT matching fstab entry
 add OPTIONS+="event_timeout=<seconds>"
 write "event_timeout" to db
 udevadm: trigger - add --env= option
 udevadm: control - fix --env key to accept --env=<KEY>=<value>
 udevadm: info - do not print ATTR{dev}==
 persistent device naming: update tape rules
 rules: update md rules

 as usual, it can be downloaded from the following locations:


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