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#2144: shadow-4.1.0
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Comment (by LydianKnight):

 I always put the following line in /etc/groups:


 and I always use shadow-4.1.0 (I know... I always tend to deviate from the
 book, but I want to test the latest packages to see if they actually work
 without any modification needed (from one hand) and to have the latest
 versions in my system (from the other hand)) without any problem, but I
 have to note everytime I need to create an user (and I only create my user
 for regular system operation and no more), I use the -g flag, so my
 command ends being this:

 useradd -g users julio

 As it works very well (at least from my personal experience), I think we
 should close this ticket, and delete the other ticket about
 shadow-, given the fact version 4.1.0 solves some of the problems
 arisen in the 4.0.18 series


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