Policy on downloads.linuxfromscratch.org?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Thu May 22 21:11:55 PDT 2008

Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> I generated udev-config-20080520.tar.bz2 a couple days ago, thinking it
> would go into the book with udev-122, and put it onto the downloads
> site.  However, some other changes were required in that package, and
> the udev-122 upgrade (r8545) used udev-config-20080522.tar.bz2 instead.
> Since no book ever referred to the 0520 file, would removing it be a
> problem?  There's not really any point to keeping it on the downloads
> site, I don't think.  Unless there's a policy that files are never
> removed from the downloads site?

BLFS creates the scripts tarball from svn every time the book is updated 

The LFS bootscripts and udev tarballs should also be created from svn every time 
the book is updated just like we create a tarball of the html.   The problem is 
that packages.ent has:

<!ENTITY lfs-bootscripts-version "20070813">
<!ENTITY lfs-bootscripts-size "39 KB">
<!ENTITY lfs-bootscripts-md5 "0ecbdd3b774d519fc535a0a595aa5b86">
<!ENTITY lfs-bootscripts-ch7-du "0.4 MB">

<!ENTITY udev-config "udev-config-20070731">
<!ENTITY udev-config-size "13 KB">
<!ENTITY udev-config-md5 "49c72e712f38c18884bd11a9a3b7e968">

The version numbers should be updated manually, but we now have to update svn 
for a change in size and/or md5sum.

I propose we change the entities to something like:

<!ENTITY lfs-bootscripts-version "20070813">
<!ENTITY lfs-bootscripts-size "bootscripts_size">
<!ENTITY lfs-bootscripts-md5 "bootscripts_md5">
<!ENTITY lfs-bootscripts-ch7-du "bootscripts_du">

<!ENTITY udev-config "udev-config-20070731">
<!ENTITY udev-config-size "udev_size">
<!ENTITY udev-config-md5 "udev_md5">

Then have the makefile generate the tarballs and associated numbers and 
substitute the numbers into a file for inclusion before generating the html.
This is really pretty easy with a bash script called from the Makefile.  The 
execution time for this would be negligible.

Version numbers still would need to be updated manually when making a change to 
the bootscripts or the udev-config, because we wouldn't want a change in version 
without a change in content.   However, making tarballs and updating the data 
would be automated and the only thing an editor would need to do is commit the 
changes via svn.

For convenience and to make things a bit more obvious, we might want to move 
some directories in svn from the current




but that is not essential to automate the process.  Leaving the current layout 
would only require that users do svn updates at trunk/ or above instead of at 
the BOOK/ directory.

If I get agreement, I can have this all done in a day.

   -- Bruce

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