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#2115: Add another note about unpacking and changing directories
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Comment (by chris at linuxfromscratch.org):

 I really don't think that any additional reminder is necessary, especially
 since the note about unpacking is a mere 2 pages before the first package.
 I also have a feeling that adding such a reminder to, say, the Binutils
 installation page, would cause people reading it to think it only applies
 to Binutils. There are a couple of other possibilities though...

 1. The "Introduction" page, with that info, could be swapped with the
 "Toolchain Technical Notes" page. I suppose that the bit about unpacking
 and cd'ing to the source dir might be forgotten in all the technical
 details (most of which, as is even stated on that page, aren't even
 necessary for a successful LFS build anyway). Also, am I the only one that
 thinks the "Toolchain Technical Notes" could simply be moved to an
 Appendix, considering that anyone who isn't already an expert in building
 from source probably won't understand most of that until after building a
 system anyway?

 2. The text about unpacking the source and entering the directory could be
 slightly differently worded. For example, the part about using the lfs
 user applies only to Chapter 5, and the part about the bash shell is just
 plain redundant (or at the very least, in the wrong place...if anything
 that would be more appropriate in the "Host System Reqs."). Perhaps the
 bit about the lfs user could be moved to the beginning of the Chapter 5
 introduction page (something like "The lfs user should be used throughout
 this chapter, until stated otherwise").

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