[LFS Trac] #2160: Bootscript functions handle stale pid files poorly

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#2160: Bootscript functions handle stale pid files poorly
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Comment (by dnicholson at linuxfromscratch.org):

 Replying to [comment:6 gerard at linuxfromscratch.org]:
 > What was the rationale behind using a marker of any kind? In a previous
 version of cleanfs it was assumed that when it ran, it would be safe to
 clean out /var/run (and other directories). I don't remember the reasons
 for implementing this change.

 Well, I wasn't around at the time, but I imagine there are two reasons:

 1. If you accidentally run cleanfs at some later time after the initial
 boot, it would prevent you from blowing away /var/run and /var/lock.

 2. In case any of the early bootscripts want to write to a file (or open a
 socket) in /var/run, then cleanfs would notice that it was a file created
 since boot, instead of a stale file from a previous boot.

 I think 1. is nice, but not a critical feature I'd miss. I think you can
 drop 2. if you assume that cleanfs is run right after mountfs. Since
 /var/run may not be mounted until mountfs anyway, there shouldn't be any
 new files to care about.

 > If keeping such a marker is desirable we could move 'setclock' up
 earlier in the sequence - run it as early as possible. Likely after
 modules and udev.

 I think moving clock up to right after the devices are setup is a good
 thing regardless. The less things we have happening before the system
 clock is set, the better.

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