[LFS Trac] #2189: cleanfs may not clean /var files when system clock is localtime

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#2189: cleanfs may not clean /var files when system clock is localtime
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 Continuation from #2160. The cleanfs script checks if files are older than
 /proc before removing them /var/run and /var/lock. However, /proc is
 mounted before the system clock is synced from the hardware clock in the
 clock script. This can cause the modification time of /proc to be
 inaccurate, especially when the hardware clock is in localtime and the
 time on /proc will be the offset from UTC.

 This can cause files in /var to be from a previous boot to appear to be
 newer than /proc, and they will not be removed by cleanfs. For either pid
 or lock files, you will have stale files which confuse the other

 There are two possible solutions:

 1. Don't use a marker file at all. I noticed that on Fedora they just reap
 everything in /var/run and /var/lock during sysinit. One drawback would be
 that no processes could write to those directories before cleanfs, but
 that shouldn't be a problem if cleanfs is ordered right after mountfs.
 Since /var isn't guaranteed to be mounted until mountfs, you wouldn't lose

 2. Choose a different marker file. I think that /etc/mtab is a good
 candidate. Again, if you put cleanfs right after mountfs, that's the first
 time /var is guaranteed to be writable. And /etc/mtab is updated during
 mountfs, so you would be sure that everything older than mtab is from a
 previous boot. However, if you run cleanfs sometime after boot, that's
 criteria is probably not accurate anymore.

 I'd personally rather go with 1.

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