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#2379: man-db-2.5.5 nitpicks
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 First, we still claim UTF-8 pages need to be in a ll.UTF-8 directory. No
 longer true (I'm testing on a modified clfs system, everything in the ll/
 directories is found and used, both legacy encoded and UTF-8.  This also
 means our instructions for installing non-English manpages are excessively
 complicated (the only complication would be if someone had pages in an
 unexpected encoding).

 Second, we still claim
 This package does not come with a test suite.
 Not true.

 Unfortunately, building man-db as an add-on after the basic system (in my
 case using gdbm instead of berkelydb) the test suite fails when it calls
 col (which reports errors, although the output is good).  The maintainer
 is looking at this, but I suspect LFS will have a failure when it tries to
 invoke /usr/bin/col (which we pass to configure) during the man-db
 testsuite because util-linux-ng has not been built yet.

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