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#2298: Man-DB UTF-8 configuration
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Comment(by ken@…):

 For all the pages and languages I've looked at, man-db-2.5.5 "just works"
 in UTF-8 environments (that is, using gdbm and letting packages install
 into ll/ directories (the vim pages in ll.UTF-8 ll.koi8r ll.ISO8859-? are
 also rendered if I point 'man' to them specifically, but it's easier to
 just let it do the right thing).

 For the avoidance of doubt, I've let shadow install all its pages (UTF-8)
 into ll/ directories.

 HOWEVER I haven't tested cp1251 for russian (a bulgarian cp1251 page
 renders nicely in bg_BG.UTF-8) and I suspect it may require further
 configuration or the use of manconv.

 This is on a system based on cross-lfs, using gdbm (--sysconfdir=/etc).  A
 quick test of whatis ('whatis man') appears to show there are no
 duplicates, my unaltered man_db.conf has
 MANDATORY_MANPATH                       /usr/man
 MANDATORY_MANPATH                       /usr/share/man
 MANDATORY_MANPATH                       /usr/local/share/man

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